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H.U.E.O. Clothing Co.

H.U.E.O. Clothing Co. was inspired by a young Washington, D.C. native boy who was covered in abundance of motherly love but turned to the streets for the financial support, fast tracked lifestyle and the respect he so desperately desired.

It was here where he found the harsh reality of life and the true meaning of "SURVIVAL"... Never knowing who to trust, what road to take or what trials and tribulations were in store, the now young man was sure about one thing, he wanted to rise above it all and struggle no more.

He came to the conclusion that the lifestyle in which he was living, wasn't for him. He wanted to better his situation and no matter what he set out to do in life, as long as he had a well thought out plan and stayed aware of his surroundings, he couldn't lose. Hints: HeadUpEyesOpen.

He applied this method to rise above his once street life and continues to use it today in his every day life as a mentor to young men who are following a similar path. Our inspirational role model insist that he be kept anonymous but his efforts are very much apparent and we thank him.

Our goal is to inspire all walks of life to establish a life plan and execute it to the fullest. H.U.E.O. Apparel is a constant reminder that you can accomplish anything in life with Strength, Endurance, Determination, Integrity and Respect...

H.U.E.O. Clothing Co.
"It's What We Stand For"
Stand For Something or Fall For Anything
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